QuestionWe'll still be hearing from you even while Bronycon is going on, correct? Answer

I’m not going to Bronycon this year, sadly, though I really did want to go. But sadly, the limitations of money has made it so I can’t go.

Like, the cost of living jumped up a lot this year as opposed to last year, and even though I’m making more than I was last year, I haven’t saved up enough over long enough to be able to afford a trip like Bronycon. Maybe if I had like, two more months, but I don’t.

So hopefully next year, if it’s still going on, but this year is a very sad no-go.

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QuestionIs the mini story arc over or is there more of it ? Answer

I’ve scripted it out, it’s got two more updates left. And then, it’s time for that big storyline I’ve been waiting forever to do heh


Infrared sound is a sound that we can’t hear but our ears can detect. Between 7Hz and 19Hz it can install the sense of being watched, dread, fear and panic. At 19Hz the sounds can vibrate with your eyeball, messing with your visions and causing you to think you can see figures in your peripheral vision.

Old houses and buildings have thick walls and messed up pipes which can emit infrared sounds. This is how haunted houses can come to be. 

The problem is not everyone is sensitive to this type of sound. Do you want to figure out if you are sensitive to this “ghostly noise”?

Well you can, because when tigers roar they emit infrared sound. Go on this website and scroll to the paragraph on roars and click on the speaker icon.

If you feel scared then you’re probably sensitive to it. 

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Pm… Would you be able to get my post out there until august 26 I haven got a lot of people/ponies to reblog my stuff as of late and I was hoping if you could get it out there….
I feel a need to say a PSA about messages like this, because this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a message like this.
Please do not try and use me to catapult yourself into popularity. If your blog has decent ideas, is well done, has a good story, or hits a good niche, you’ll get popularity on your own. Getting the word out is fine, but this isn’t the way to do it. Especially when there is nothing on your blog right now.
I am very rarely interested in promoting other people’s works. Not because I don’t think they deserve it, but mostly because I feel like it turns into clutter on my mod blog. 
So if your blog is something that’s worth promoting, let it shine on it’s own. Please do not ask me to promote your blog just to boost yourself into popularity. It’ll shine if it is good.

You know, I had been having some difficulties getting a ‘good nights sleep’ the last few weeks, but I didn’t really understand why. I’d tried washing my sheets, going to bed earlier, later, sleeping in, just didn’t really seem to help much.

So when I went groceries shopping I saw this memory foam pillow on sale for 13 bucks and was like “Well hey, I’ve wanted one of those for forever, why not?”

It’s a little more difficult to fall asleep at first, but for the last two nights in a row I’ve woken up way more refreshed than I have in the past two weeks. I really think that pillow made a heck of a difference.

Good night rests I missed you.




I immediately like the dazzlings more than the equestria girls lmao. girls with a punk aesthetic singing about how they’re gonna crush their enemies is way better than “we r all the same rly” hell yea

im gettin that misfits feel

Stupid sexy humans.

QuestionOkay, dumb question, but in the panels where Scootaloo is holding Lighting, is Lightning still flapping his wings, or is he just letting his mother hold him? Answer

Nah, he stopped flapping his wings when his momma picked him up.

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"Fixing Up Miss Smarty Pants"

Mmmm, I read this, but I wasn’t all that impressed.

The TwiMac was cute, but it wasn’t the focus of the fic. Rather, the fic was a usual “Everyone jumps to assumptions and everyone thinks everyone else likes the others than who they like” and had a lot of really weird pairing decisions. Like there was AppleShy, RariDash, PinkieScratch, and OctaTrixie.

Plus it disrespected FlutterDash, so it easily got negative points for that needless little bit.

Sam Score: 6/10, sort of amusing but doesn’t really play with the tropes, it just sort of is what it is. It sort of felt like “everyone is in a crack ship fic” as opposed to being a genuine romance between the characters. Everyone seems pretty just “Yup let’s all do the dates” as opposed to how they are in canon. But it can be an amusing read if you look past those traits.

IGN: 10/10, it’s okay

QuestionTwi: Wanna show me how 'big' you are, Mac? / Big Mac: Eeeyup. Answer

Hrm, an acceptable pun used in an acceptable way from TJ…?

Are you sure you’re TJ? You might be some kind of changeling.