QuestionIs the mini story arc done or is there more ? By the way I thought Scootaloo would over react when she saw her son flying Answer

Apparently people thought she’d over-react as opposed to being proud of him for some reason.

Mostly under the pretext of “Haha her Son can fly and she can’t”

When, you know, she was taught to fly.

In the story.

By Factory Scootaloo.

It’s called “Read the Archive” people.

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QuestionHey Sam, I'm curious, are there some people who hate your Motherly Scootaloo Tumblr Answer

Yes, yes there are.

They seem to primarily gather on Derpibooru, while there’s apparently at least 2 I know of directly on Tumblr. And then there’s at least 1 person I know outside both of those places.

They’re not really secretive about their dislike either, though often times their reasons are rather stupid and make no-sense in the context of what’s going on in the story. Like their arguments are easy to debunk and break-down, if they would just get past their prejudice of the story and actually read it for what it is.

But I don’t exactly fight them over it, since I’m about to hit 15,000 followers who enjoy the story, and like 4-6 people who don’t like it aren’t worth bothering with lol

QuestionI'm guessing on the inside scoots has this fear of lightning having the same troubles as her when it came to flying? I feel like that would be something going on in her head but I could be wrong. Answer

Something like that. She wasn’t even really conscious of it for a while, but there’s no doubt she had some fear that Lightning would’ve had the same difficulties with flying that she did, so seeing that he doesn’t have her problem with it is a big relief to her and just makes her happy.

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QuestionHonestly I am looking forward to the new season of RWBY. I want to see how far the storyline goes and what else they are going to share. Answer

Well, the new episode just went live on Rooster Teeth for me, so I proceeded to watch it.

It certainly looks to be more promising than Volume 1 was already. Though, my only issue with Volume 1 was how it felt like it ended rather abruptly. Volume 2 though, has a much stronger first episode than Volume 1 did.

So here’s hoping for a great Season o3o

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QuestionRegardless of INTENT, there are CONSEQUENCES to RASH ACTIONS , that is something YOU seem to be MISREADING as CAPITULATIONS! Answer

Consequences to rash actions…? Well, that’s only the case if the rash actions were truly unneeded and a conclusion was jumped to as opposed to being reached. Are you saying my actions were rash?

Also, what am I misreading as ‘capitulations’? Looking up the word, it means “to surrender unconditionally or on stipulated terms.”, and anon didn’t really do that? He just said he had been looking forward to Volumes 1 and 2 and that he liked the show, just that there was “No excuse for the awkward animations regardless”.

Of which I counter-pointed him with the fact that 2 main animators for so much content and how-well animated it IS for that fact, means that it should be given some leniency on the fact that it’s still a good show.

If anyone is making ‘rash actions’, it’s you and your assumptions.

QuestionRegardless of how well the animation is, the series is well written with enjoyable characters and some the awesome fights. I submit the season premiere as exhibit #1 Answer

Something I’ve always believed with all forms of media, is that if the narrative can hold up on it’s own, then it’s worth viewing despite any flaws in the presentation. If the story is the main drive for why you are making the show, it should shine the brightest in your medium.

Now that’s not to say that visuals should be ignored, they are still very important. But if there are some minor technical difficulties or small hiccups, that shouldn’t ruin the experience for you if the story itself is truly a strong one.

Personal opinions aside of course, if something has merit as an artistic medium, those merits should always be admired even if you don’t like a piece of work. It’s alright to understand a work’s strengths without having to personally enjoy it.

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QuestionI apologize if I come off as overly antagonistic about this. Like I said I was looking forward to RWBY and I'm still a huge fan of Monty Oum's previous work and Red vs Blue. As a standalone piece RWBY would have been great, but unfortunately, it has to be compared to both of these and in my opinion, it just doesn't hold a candle to either. Answer

I don’t think you’re being antagonistic, just that you’re over-looking a lot of the facts about RWBY’s animation.

With Red vs Blue, the fights scenes and other small animation bits he did, he had pre-existing models to help base his work off of. On top of that, he wasn’t animating everything. He didn’t have to create the entire world, backgrounds, characters, and everything for every episode down to the smallest scene. A lot of RvB is STILL just machinima, and that eases the burden of animation immensly.

Dead Fantasy in comparison, took FOREVER to come out and were episode shorter than RWBY, and this was because he was taking his slow time to make sure everything was perfect. If he was doing that same amount of detailed quality control with RWBY, it’d be another 2-3 years for his dream project to come out, and then another 3-4 years inbetween seasons.

And maybe as an artistic license that would be better, but as a business model it leaves a lot to be desired. So the down-side is we got somewhat awkward animation at times, but not even that many or all that often, and then the same amazing technical performance of the fight scenes, a rather well made world since EVERYTHING is original and made by Mounty and his animators, and that we get to have new episodes of the show at a fairly regular pace without having to agonize over years for them.

I honestly think the pros out-weight the cons, and the small details do add up and make a significant difference.

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QuestionGranted all 13 people are not all sharing the same workload, but part of the point I was trying to make was that Monty is not the only person who worked on RWBY Volume 1. He was one of two Lead Animators (meaning to me that they shared the bulk of the workload) and one of three story guys (story being a whole other kettle of fish I'm not gonna go into). I was really looking forward to Volume 1, and am still looking forward to Volume 2. Answer

That’s STILL a huge amount of work for just two people, you know. It really doesn’t diminish the point if it’s 1 or 2 people being lead animators. 2 people animating all those episodes should give SOME leniency to the awkward animation at times, especially since, as you said yourself, the fight scenes were fantastic.

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QuestionHere's the thing though, RWBY's not animated by one person. The credits show Monty as ONE of the Lead Animators along with Shane Newville and 11 additional Series Animators, and one more for Ruby's thought bubble sequence. At that point there's no excuse for some of the awkward animation in Volume 1. That being said the fight scenes are still really damn fun to watch. Answer

It’s hard to find their exact amount of involvement, but you make it sound like ‘additional animators’ went in and specifically edited every single scene to help improve the quality of the over-all series, which I can assure you is not the purpose of ‘additional animators’.

For instance, I’ve employed the help of additional artists in the past, but their contribution to the project takes up such a minute amount of the work that I pretty much still do 99% of the work in the over-arching story.

Mounty Oum needs help for the sheer amount of work he’s creating, yes, but I don’t think it’s nearly as much as you are thinking it is. This isn’t some hollywood budget series, or even a small TV show budget. This is Mounty Oum making a series he loves, with a bit of help, but still primarily his work.

There is more than enough reason to forgive the quirky animations in Volume 1. Being so quick to be judgemental of them only makes me worry as an artist that people will take any small flaws out of a project I’m doing and blow them out of proportion instead of enjoying the project as a whole.

Granted this is tumblr and I already see that as is so I really shouldn’t be so surprised, but usually their antagonism IS directed at works that had hundreds of thousands of people working on them, like a movie or an animated series.

RWBY is made by 13 people tops, according to you, and I doubt that all of the animators listed are doing equal the amount of work as Mounty Oum. And if I’m wrong, I’m willing to be, but this is just from my own experience, from what I’ve read about the project, and how well Mounty Oum’s solo projects have been in the past.

QuestionWhat is RWBY? Answer

Perpetually under a rock as always, huh? Heh.

RWBY is an American-made, 3D animated, anime created by (and animated by) Mounty Oum and published by Rooster Teeth.

Here’s the Opening to Volume 1.