QuestionRegarding the last LB update, I just wonder what seabirds have to do with anything. ;) Answer

Smoke Terns are actually well known for their activity around Oceanic Volcanoes where they filter the heavy silted waters. It’s really quite fascinating.

Learning to ink in Manga Studio 5 is kind of a slow and awkward process, but the lines do look really good. I’m completing the first Patreon comic in it for testing purposes, but if I don’t like the final results or it takes too long, I’ll probably switch back to Sai for future comics.



two friends


QuestionIn regards to the last Lightning update: That is one clever baby! <3 Answer

*Uncle Voice* Never underestimate the baby!

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QuestionWill Cloudchaser and Flitter appear ? Since the two are Rumble's foalsitter (That's what fans think.) Answer

Maybe. Possibly. But they’d appear more because of their connections to Thunderlane than because of Rumble. I mean, Rumble is an adult in Motherly now (legally speaking, he still has to finish school) so he doesn’t really have a need for a babysitter.

And Thunderlane is a stallion that tends to get around P:

QuestionDo u think I could post princess twilight comic on I funny. I will give u all the credit I promise, Answer

You can post my stuff anywhere so long as I’m given credit for it really.

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QuestionSo Rumble's special talent is cooking ? Any reason why you think that ? Answer

I don’t think canon Rumble’s talent would be cooking, no. I just wanted to give him a unique talent to my blog that I still felt like could potentially fit him. Chances are in canon he’d be something closer to weather or racing, kind of like his brother. But for Motherly, I wanted him to be a chef o3o

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QuestionEvery time Rumble speaks I just imagine Danny voicing him. Just thought you should know XD Answer

If Motherly Scootaloo ever gets a dubbed comic, I WANT Danny Sexbang to be the voice of Rumble. It is a must. Danny is how I picture Rumble’s voice.

The RumbaLoo shippers are strong in Motherly’s inbox tonight