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Let me guess, because of the flutterdash moments?

Not even so much just from the shipping perspective, but those two always seem to have the best interactions with each other whenever they have episodes together. I mean whenever it’s not focused on the two, they usually just have ‘okay’ interaction.

But the Rarity and Applejack parts were really nice too, and rather humerous with the back and forth they had going. Pinkie’s part was kind of the weakest part of the episode, though it was kind of amusing seeing her get told “You’re asking too much for your stuff”. 

I dunno, I just enjoyed all of it. Maybe I am being bias with the FlutterDash thing, but they make me squee and smile and I can’t help it. Those ponies are adorable.

Offhandedly, the new MLP episode was probably my favorite of Season 4.


Hey guys, I really really REALLY REEEEAAAAAALLY hate having to do this because I absolutely hate going back on my word, but the drunk stream is going to have to be postponed till Sunday.

An emergency came up and I have to deal with it first because if I don’t I’ll never hear the end of it. Sorry to everyone that could only make it tonight, but my hands are tied. I just hope things work out so everyone who wanted to come tonight can come tomorrow. But I know it’s Easter and a lot of people have plans, again, I’m sorry about this.


Drunk Stream is now Tomorrow, Sunday the 20th, starting at 6pm EST.

It’ll go all night, so hopefully you’ll be able to hop in later. And again, I’m extremely sorry that it had to be delayed. It’s literally the last thing I EVER wanted to do.

QuestionMy headcanon is you're m. Scoots imaginary character who watches a tv show about her and her friends where her life is a lot simpler. Answer

Sam Rose and Friends, watch as he sits in front of a computer all day drawing and talking to himself~

On today’s exciting episode, Sam scripts out a new fanfic that will never get written! Watch with intense fascination.


QuestionMy headcanon is that your ponysona is actually Motherly Scoot's dad. That's where she gets her coat color from. Answer

Well I assure you that Sam is not Scootaloo’s dad xD

In fact, Sam isn’t really canon to Motherly at all. He’s in his own little universe, since he’s a monster hunter.

(Though honestly I would absolutely love it if he was canon to Hunter Jack, since they have the same profession.)

QuestionHey, I never noticed it before, but your version of Diamond Tiara is wearing her tiara, and what appears to be Silver Spoon's pearls, while Silver isn't wearing any of that stuff. any reason for that? Answer

Off-screen shipping shenanigans that will probably never get delved into.

I try to throw in some background going-ons here and there where I can, for people to see that even though the focus is on Scoots, day-to-day life for other ponies still goes on heh.

>Today’s Motherly update

Practicing in Manga Studio 5 for the Patreon comic, it’s actually really really nice. I think I’ll stick to Sai for Motherly at the moment, but man Manga Studio 5 has a LOT of really nice features for drawing.

Shark Girl Bedroom eyes~

Finished commission for Bnau



I want to design a CCG, but I’m terrible at designing cards. 

You mean in terms of aesthetics, layout, or game mechanics?

More how the actual cards look, so aesthetics. Mechanics and layout I can do just fine, just have to figure out a finalized form for it.